IStockphoto Anyone can find themselves living in a precarious financial state

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from those with six figure salaries to workers who are just barely scraping by. But there’s no denying the middle class has been hit hard by the recession and ensuing slow recovery, during which most economic gains have gone to the richest Americans. Oakley Sunglasses OutletThat’s made it tougher for those with middle incomes to put money aside and create a financial buffer..

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The protein ovocledidin 17 controls the eggshell crystallization process, and without it, the shell couldn’t form at all. Scientists weren’t just trying to settle a bet between Hawking and some other scientist, either. Understanding what eggshells are made of has some pretty incredible real world applications, such as strengthening synthetic bones or stopping freaking global warming..

‘Stam was a world class player who has won everything but as a manager, he was a gamble,’ says Williams. ‘But he’s ambitious, has an aura, a presence I felt it when I first met him. You have to applaud the owners for taking a chance. Appeal lost: Italian scientists Wholesale Cheap NHL Jerseys From China have lost a final appeal against a government research call that explicitly excludes human embryonic stem cells, even though their use is legal. The researchers objected when the exclusion was added by politicians to a text agreed by a committee of scientific experts (see Nature 460, 19; 2009). They took the health ministry to court in June, arguing that the exclusion infringed a constitutional freedom of scientific research.

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Many of them don’t have a healthy sense of boundaries

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Many women I worked with don’t know they’re allowed to say ‘No,’ or ‘I don’t like that.’”Another difference between a sexual surrogate and a prostitute is that the former will usually have some education under their belts, Fake Oakleys Salewhile the latter is more of an on the job training kind of deal. Shai and his colleagues at the IPSA administer a one year internship to would be surrogates, which includes lectures, required reading, and “hands on exercises.” No, not that kind..

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Most unscientific polls, including one Twitter poll that was actually used in the Rams relocation application, make it clear that the Rams would be the most popular of the three teams. The anecdotal evidence, gathered in places such as the Burbank airport on the Sunday morning of Raiders home games in Oakland, would indicate that the Raiders are still the most embraced team here. But then ask folks from San Clemente to Lake Elsinore and it’s all about the Chargers..

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When it comes to fantasy football drafts

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I am always amused when people start producing mock drafts well in advance of Labor Day weekend. There are too many unknowns due to injuries, position battles and stupidity to make them worthwhile.Fake Oakley Sunglasses I suppose if you are in a league that mandates that you draft weeks before the season starts, it makes sense but, even that cracks me up.

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The company’s vulnerability to bad news was demonstrated yesterday by the over 10% selloff in UA’s stock after its earnings report (see conference call transcript here) provided transparency into its growing inventory problem. Under Armor sells at over 42 times this year’s projected earnings and Wholesale Jerseys Supply 3.3 times revenues after yesterday’s selloff. It is already vulnerable to rising gas prices, Wholesale Cheap MLB Jerseys China and lost 55% of its value during the last gas spike of late 2007/1st half of 2008.

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The Difference Between Perpetual and Subscription

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Perpetual Licence

Perpetual Licenced software is purchased and owned by you.

The purchase price of Perpetual Licenced software is usually higher than a Subscription or Annual Licence. A maintenance fee is associated with a Perpetual Licence to keep the software up to date and compliant.

If you choose not to pay the maintenance charge you can continue to use the software; but with the fast-paced world of software updates and technology, the software will soon be out of date, non-compliant and eventually stop working. The updates are not only governed by updating the features within the software program, but also the changes, enhancements and updates that third-party software vendors make that need to be incorporated into the software to ensure it continues to work; e.g. Microsoft updates.

Subscription or Annual Licence

Subscription or Annual Licence allows you to use the licenced software for 1 Year (or the term agreed). The maintenance fee is included in your Subscription/Annual licence. As long as you renew your Subscription/Annual Licence before expiry your software will always be up to date and compliant.

Agrimaster software is sold today as subscription software – we moved to this model in July 2013. The change was made to align our software offering with other accounting software packages as well as the most common industry standard. If the subscription is not renewed, you can access historical data within the software but nothing new can be added to the program until your subscription has been renewed.

If you purchased your Agrimaster software prior to July 2013 chances are that you have a perpetual licence – which means your software will continue to run and be updated and compliant as long as you pay your Membership fee (which is the maintenance fee). If your Membership fee lapses you should be able to use the software – but it will not be up to date with the latest update or compliant.

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CEO Sleepout – Sleeping out for homelessness

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david icon

CEODavid Egerton-Warburton – Master Group CEO     


With over 100,000 Australians (including 12,000 children) experiencing homelessness, this could be a chance to help out.

For the 3rd year in a row, I will be participating in the Vinnies CEO Sleepout and I am aiming to raise $5,000 with your help.

Why do I volunteer each year and why I ask you to help?

First-time round I wanted to be a part of something, something that I didn’t know much about and something that has a direct effect on people. Like many of us, I avoided the homeless in the street, they made me feel uncomfortable. I never really understood why they couldn’t just find a job or register for the public housing; I always assumed they ended up on the street due to drug or alcohol problems.

Over the years, I have had the chance to listen to stories from regular middle-class Australians who had become homeless or who have teenage or adult children experiencing homelessness. My eyes were opened and my preconceptions about homelessness were blown out of the water.

So what did I learn from these stories?

  • A large number of Australian families are only 3 paychecks away from being homeless.
  • That the drug and alcohol problems usually occur after people become homeless as a way of coping.
  • Over 12,000 Children are homeless each night.
  • Homelessness can happen to anyone of us given a mix of circumstances.
  • It is hard to get social security if you have no fixed address.
  • When you become homeless you feel sub-human and feel you don’t deserve help.

So how did it change me?

I have changed my behavior in response to my new appreciation of the problem.

  • Each year I try to raise as much as I can for the Vinnies CEO Sleepout.
  • When I come across someone who is homeless, I will try and buy them something to eat or drink.
  • I will ask a homeless person their name (This help make them feel worthy).
  • I will introduce my children to them and encourage my three boys to talk to them and take them food.

So what would I like to ask from you?

  • Don’t be intimidated by the homeless, they are just regular people with a tough story.
  • When you see them say hi, ask them their name and ask if they would like something to eat or drink.
  • Please support me in my fundraising efforts, we are all very lucky. In a country as wealthy as ours, 100,000+ people, including 12,000 children should not be on the streets.

Thank you for your support, David.

donate to david




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M:drive Saves the Day!

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Gone are the days of backing up to a disk; every Agrimaster Member/Subscriber has access to an on-line backup and restore service. It’s quick, safe and easy to use – it can even automatically back up your Agrimaster file every time you use Agrimaster – Don’t get caught out!

Customer Story: M:drive saves the day.

A new Agrimater user came on board, she wasn’t very computer savvy and was reluctant to learn a new unfamiliar system. But she knew it was necessary, in order to assist in the running of the family farm business.

To build confidence and make it all less terrifying; Agrimaster helped the new user set up Asset Register and Stock Control. The repetition of entering data and the familiarisation of the program helps and provides an enormous amount of confidence. This data can be more helpful than you think!

A brilliant, comprehensive job was done by the user of creating these registers, their private assets were also added; everything on the farm was listed and thoroughly recorded.

6 months on…

We received a call…..
We were greeted by a very confident Agrimaster user; thanking us for teaching her to set-up up the Asset and Stock control register. She was so incredibly relieved. One of the worst floods the region had ever seen just swept through her town. The farm was gone, they had lost everything; animals, crops and their home and contents.

Thanks to Agrimaster’s m:drive on-line backup service and restore service, not all was lost.

The temporary fix…

The users Agrimaster file was downloaded from m:drive onto a friends computer –  who is also an Agrimaster user. Now the Agrimaster user who lost everything was reunited with their financial history, assets and stock register which they desperately needed for the insurance claim. They had complete and accurate records of everything they owned.

Agriculture is a high-risk industry, having access to your asset and stock information after a disaster is invaluable to move forward.

The lesson learnt…

All Agrimaster users should take advantage of the Asset Register and Stock Control feature in Agrimaster and utilise the on-line m:drive backup and restore service which is included in the Membership/Subscription.

Learn more about m:drive

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Profit not Passion will Feed the World

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By David Egerton-Warburton

“I don’t farm for money/profit, I do this for the lifestyle because I love it.” Is often heard in farming circles when talking about profitability. This statement makes the assumption that the passion that drives you to run your farm business is mutually exclusive to the financial discipline required to make it a successful business.

This sentiment hints at a very important business driver; Purpose. Purpose, often referred to as passion, is one of the most important drivers in any business. It is the thing that gets you up in the morning, gives you focus, drives innovation and more importantly gives you the desire to keep going when all is going wrong. As essential as purpose is to your business it does not work alone and is only part of the achieving success in business.

I propose that a successful farm business is one that fulfils its core purpose of:

  • Growing food and fibre to supply the current needs of the world community.
  • Making a profit to meet the needs of the owners and employees.
  • Use profit to invest in increasing food production.

If you can picture your business as a journey then purpose is the destination or why – but it’s not the how. How is a more pragmatic beast.

If you say the purpose of a farm business is to feed the world community then one of the key components of how is profit.

Profit is the growth engine in any business – it allows your business to invest in the future by:

  • Investing in research and development to increase production and efficiency.
  • Invest in inputs to grow more food and fibre.
  • Invest in capital to increase production and reduce cost.
  • Invest in market research to respond to market need.

All the planning and effort you put into your business is ultimately measured in profit. Profit is the ultimate truth because it shows you are producing in response to the needs of the market, and the demands of the environment. Profit shows you are planning well and executing plans with discipline and flexibility. Profit says you are producing in response to what is needed and not in response to what you want.

Profit gives you the pragmatism required to stop passion ruining your business. E.g. Passion says “grow a 4 tonne wheat crop” profit says “there is more margin (profit) in a 3 tonne wheat crop.”

Profit is the long game. Profit is the pragmatism that says rather than going for broke each year in the hope of hitting the jackpot we will make a considered production and financial plan each year based on minimising risk and maximising margin, and invest our profit each year in education and technology, allowing us to grow more food and fibre whilst managing our risk or effecting our profit.

Profit is getting harder to achieve each year in farming, the risks are higher and the margins are thinner. This doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be the focus of your business. It just means that the focus and time you need to put on this part of your business needs to be increased. With increased risk and tighter margins you need to:

  • Plan: Make focused and detailed financial plans – test all your production assumptions and plans financially. Make more than one plan in anticipation of more than one season or market.
  • Review: Review your production, market, financial position frequently.
  • Respond: Change the plans as often as required in response to the season and market.
  • Play: Play the long game.

See previous post: Why no plan (budget) survives contact with the real enemy

Therefore, if your purpose (passion) is to supply the world with more food, then it’s your responsibility to firstly focus on financial discipline and profit because only profit in business will give you the resources to invest in increasing food production.

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No plan (Budget) survives contact with the real enemy

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By David Egerton-Warburton

Helmuth Karl Bernhard von Moltke (October 1800 – April 1891) would have made a great farmer.

Moltke was a German fields Marshall and the chief of staff for the Prussian Army for more than 30 years and is regarded as one of the great strategist of the 19th century.

Moltke main thesis was that any strategy must be seen as a system of options since only the start of a military campaign was plan able. His strategic thinking can best be summed up by his two main statements “No plan of operations extends with certainty beyond the first encounter with the enemy’s main strength” (or No plan survives contact with the enemy”) and “strategy is a system of expedients”

It is a mistake to think that Moltke did not plan because his plans would have to change. In contrast to this common assumption, Moltke made very detailed plans that took into account thousands of variables.

So why would he make a good farmer?

I wish I had a dollar for every farming client who told me that they don’t do a budget because it all changes anyway! The error in this thinking is that a plan/budget is a once off static document (something you do at the beginning of the year for the bank).

Farm business management is just like preparing for battle. You need to have clear knowledge of you current position; you need to have a clear objective; you need to know what available resources you have (Land, stock, machinery, labour, working capital etc…); you need to know your controllable risks and your uncontrollable risks (or Unknowns). Based on all of this information you make detailed production plans and equally detailed financial plans (Budgets) to “Ground Truth” your production plans. As all of your wins and losses will be measured not in production but in dollars!

Like Moltke your plans will not survive first contact with your enemy (weather, markets, break downs, health etc…). So you when planning for the battle at the beginning of this season I strongly encourage you to think through and make a number of alternate plans based on possible alternatives.

E.g. do a minimum of five budgets (Make one and copy it)

  1. Baseline budget – this is the most probable (the one you take to the bank)
  2. Bad year budget – e.g. late or low growing season rainfall, low prices
  3. Good year budget – e.g. early rain, high prices
  4. Half Budget/ Half Actual – a combination of your baseline budget with your monthly actuals imported into each moth as they are reconciled (see how your cash flow is going)
  5. Sand Box budget – this is where you play with scenarios (so you don’t stuff up your other plans)

The importance of this extra planning before the season (battle) starts properly is that your mind is clear and you will make better decisions as a result. In the heat of battle (e.g. seeding) your cortisol levels will be elevated and as a result your thinking will be slower and less effective. As a result big mistakes can be made.

So farm like Moltke went to war. Understand that “No plan survives first contact with the enemy” so make lots of them and change your plan as the conditions of the battle change!

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Farming Myth 3 – Farmers are here to feed the World.

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Farming Myth #3 – Farmers are here to feed the world
By David Egerton-Warburton

Your farm business isn’t a Not-for-profit organisation whose primary responsibility is to feed the world.

You run a Farm BUSINESS– the aim of a farm business is sell produce for greater than the cost of production to generate profit, that is then used to feed, house, clothe & educate your family. As a business you will attempt to grow as much produce as you can until; a) the cost of production is greater than the expected return; b) The financial risk (capital exposure) is disproportionate to the estimate return.

So what has this got to do with feeding the world you may ask? Nothing!

The agribusiness and non-agribusiness press is currently dominated by the couple of key themes in relation to agriculture.

1)      There is an impending world food crisis and farmers in Australia have to invest in lifting production by 30-50% by 2030 to feed the 9 billion people who are going to be living on the planet.
2)      There is a large and growing need for food and especially protein in Asia and that Australia can become the bread basket of Asia

The impending world hunger problem is very complex and it is not as simple as, too many people and not enough food. If that was the case then basic economics would solve the problem. If there is more demand for a product then there is supply then the price will rise. This will encourage the supplier (farmers) of this product to invest in producing more of it and for more people to enter the supply side of the market to profit from the increased prices.

If this was happening in Agriculture the current and future price of your commodities would be at an all-time high and we would be growing a lot more food than we are currently. You and the industry could then afford to fund research, increase inputs and invest in capital to grow more food. You do not need to be an economist to realise that this is not working. These pricing signals are being interrupted for many reasons. The key reason is that the people in the world who can afford food have too much and the people in the world who need food, can’t afford to buy it or afford the capital to grow it. So the world food supply problem is more geopolitical that agricultural.

The food bowl of Asia argument plays well in the press and gives people and unrealistic expectation of the future. To quote Agricultural Minister Barnaby Joyce:

“We feed right now … about 60 million people. If we doubled our production and fed 120 million people, we couldn’t even feed half of Indonesia, so let’s stop talking about how we’re going to feed the whole of Southeast Asia,” Mr Joyce told Sky News’s Australian Agenda.”

“What we do have is a premium product and, with the right supply chains, a premium product gets a premium price.”

“We’re not going to be the food basket of Asia. We’ve got to dispense with that rhetoric. It’s ridiculous.”

So what should you do?

Focus on growing food for profit only and don’t believe your own press. The agribusiness industry and government through the press and conference’s, has done a great job of building up the food crisis and the growing demand for food in Asia. The macro economic arguments for this are sound but the devil is in the detail.

As a farm business it is important to be aware of what is happening globally, but in order to run a sound business you need to focus on the NOW. That now is growing food for profit. (To rehash to old maxim: “Production is vanity – Profit is sanity”)

To solve the world food supply problem we need to first look at things like; access to capital for poor farmers; trade barriers; corruption; storage & transport infrastructure; preservation of farming land from urban encroachment; commodity pricing & trading mechanisms; to name few. As a result they are beyond your immediate influence as a farm business. So as a member of the world community you can get involved in government and not for profit organisations focused on elevating world hunger by solving these problems.

In practice, the world food supply problems will be solved by a mix of all farming types, styles and sizes globally.

As the manager of a higher input industrial scale farm business, your first responsibility is to your business and your family. Be pragmatic with your business investment decisions and focus on the fundamentals. If the world wants you to grow more food it will demand it in dollars. Then you will do what you do better than anyone else, grow lots of it!

Further reading on the world food problems:
“Bet the Farm: How Food Stopped Being Food” by Frederick Kaufman
“The Coming Famine: The Global Food Crisis and What We Can Do to Avoid It” by Julian Cribb

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Be Efficient with Electronic Document Management

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Going paperless can save your business time and money. Yes you do need to keep your invoices and various other paperwork but you don’t have to keep it all filed in paper format.

More and more businesses are offering to invoice you electronically to save paper and reduce costs.electronic

When you receive invoices, statements and other business paperwork electronically you don’t’ have to print it out and file it, you have the option to file it electronically.

You can manage your electronic documents in 3 ways:

  1. Using folders in Windows
  2. Using folders in Email/Outlook
  3. Using a dedicated file management application


How to manage your electronic files in Windows:

windows  What types of electronic files should be saved?

Documents and data used for business purposes such as letters, emails, invoices, BAS and other compliance reports such as taxation returns, forms, policies, reports, spread sheets, presentations, photos, videos & audio files.
Files should be stored in structured folders, on a secure computer only accessible to people that need access to the files. Consider password protecting the computer if it is an open area.

• A shared folder structure can be created in C:/Users/Public/Public Documents – this is accessible to anyone who logs into an account on the computer.
• A private folder structure can be created in an account: C:/Users/Manager/Documents only accessible when logging into the ‘Manager’ account


How to manage your electronic files in Outlook:

Create a folder/s on your online file storage service such as Dropbox, Google, IDrive. When you save your attachments i.e. documents, photos – from your email messages use theirs storage services.



How to Manage your Electronic Files Using Application

Online File Storage Services
You can use an online storage and sharing service to store your electronic documents.

  • The main advantage of this is that all your documents are available to everyone in your business whether they are in the office or accessing the service remotely.
  • These services allow you to backup (sync) your electronic documents online.

dropbox Some examples of these services are:


Our recommendation would be to create folders to store documents online in the same way you would in windows and that you consider syncing your preferred online file storage service with the folders on your computer.


Backup your electronic files:

Backup of your files should be conducted regularly and kept in a secure location – ideally off-site. Other options for Backups are: a Partition Hard Drive, USB, External Hard Drives or Cloud Services.

Why is good electronic file management important?

  • Records can be accessed easily
  • Records are secure and backed up
  • Files are easy to find and up-to-date
  • Out-of-date files are archived
  • File space on computers is used appropriately
  • Standard file naming and storage practices are followed
  • Save money on paper, printing and stationary

How to manage your electronic files:

  1. Start afresh with a new and well planned folder structure to store files
  2. Create top-level folders according to functions/activities, rather than staff names
  3. Use relevant and clear titles
  4. Create sub-folders in each folder; grouping the files as part of a function
  5. Consider creating sub-folders for each year

Lastly, you may find this document from the ATO helpful: Electronic Invoices


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